Our History

Put your big girl party pants on and put the zest back into “fest.” Don’t settle for parties that suck.

After 10 years of hosting women’s parties, the three of us (Tonia, Rachel, and Anna*) know how to celebrate women’s experiences with revelry and hilarity.

Starting out with small poker parties, I (Tonia) began to host other kinds of quirky and bawdy parties. With greater and greater numbers of women attending, I quickly realized I needed my daughters’ help. Not ones to simply be quiet helpers, these sassy young women began giving me all kinds of advice. And what they lacked in diplomacy (“Mom, that looks hideous,” “Mom, that’s stupid,” “Mom, get out of the kitchen”), they made up for in energy and terrific ideas. Rachel was fabulous with food and decorations; Anna with drinks and games. The parties became better and better because of our collaboration.

Over the years we heard women describe the connection and freedom they felt partying with women only. One of our friends described it as, “It is so refreshing to feel carefree again - to just be with girlfriends. I’m always re-energized.” Another said, “I love the camaraderie that I feel with these women. I was amazed at how easily I could relate to and have fun with women I hardly know.”

They told us how much they appreciated getting away from their families and their responsibilities; they told us how much they loved feeling recognized and honored - even if just for a few hours. “It feels like ‘my night.’ I get a real sense that these evenings are cut out for me and me alone” and “I think the idea is genius. These parties are my favorite days of the year.”

We don’t, by the way, have anything against guys. Most of the guys we know seem nice enough – for guys. But we've noticed how many women tend to change their behavior and even silence parts of themselves in the presence of men. It seemed to us that parties about women should be for women and with women. After all, men can be….well…..distracting.

So are you ready for some girlfriend fun and party-pizzazz? Team up with a girlfriend and make a date. Whatever kind of party you want, we'll help you find drinks, recipes, decorations and activities. In fact, we’ll help you make it VIP – a very important party.

* For more information about who the heck we are – and how we are related (yes, we still claim each other), check out our bios.


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