Oct 6, 2011


Posted by Tonia at Thursday, October 06, 2011
By Tonia
"Without fame, this haircut could be mistaken for mental illness." - Russell Brand

I’m having a midlife hair crisis. I’ve always worn my hair long but now that it’s thinning (damn aging), I’m thinking maybe shorter. The only problem with shorter is that I won’t be able to do those nude pictures and have my ‘girls’ covered <insert eye roll>. I want a hairstyle where people can’t tell if I’m having a bad hair day or not.

Like most women, my hair has gone through several developmental stages. A perm so tight it resembled a brillo pad; a bouffant so high it challenged Marge Simpson; bangs so thick they could shield me from a bullet; layers so “feathered” birds eyed me suspiciously. I’m currently trying to avoid the helmet look….and the mushroom cloud.

I actually remember my mother trying to protect her hairdo by wrapping it in toilet paper before she went to bed. That must have made for hot nights between she and my dad. Probably a miracle I was ever born.

And have you ever woken up, looked in the mirror and decided that your hair had to be cut TODAY? And, because you couldn’t get a salon appointment, you took the scissors to it yourself? Yep, afterwards I looked in the mirror and thought, “Mental patients and condemned prisoners have better haircuts than this”....and made an appointment at the salon.

Every woman has her bad haircut story. Please tell us about yours. We want to be able to laugh at with you.
And, for your next girlfriends’ get-together, we suggest you ask everyone to bring photos of themselves with various hairdos over the years and tell stories of bad hair days. Then, for those of you who are my age, you’ll enjoy watching this old video of HAIR – THE MUSICAL on YouTube - CLICK HERE.

Finally, try these shots in gummy shot glasses sold at Vat19 – CLICK HERE to order. You won’t care WHAT your hair looks like after a few of these!

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