Oct 2, 2011

The Screaming Snake Whisperer

Posted by Tonia at Sunday, October 02, 2011
By Rachel

You know how everything is supposedly bigger in Texas? Well, big drought in Texas right now. Our swimming pool has become the new Safe Place for nature's at-risk vermin - think Quik Trip for creatures running away from home! We've rescued turtles, aquatic frogs and snakes......

As I was cleaning our pool a few weeks ago I saw a small snake in the water. As I began fishing it out, our dog completely lost her mind, flipped out, lost her balance and fell into the pool. Most dogs know how to swim. Not ours. Ours is so fat she simply sinks. So I had to jump in to rescue her. Big pool party! Me, the d^#n overweight dog, and the snake.

After I got the dog and myself out of the pool I rescued the snake and put him in my daughter's small aquarium so we could keep him for a day and then let him go (too bad we couldn't do this with some of our existing pets). As I was trying to get the snake out of the aquarium to play, the f*^#er kept trying to strike at me! The kids and I tried to play with it for a few minutes and then I finally gave up. Guess he was in a pissy mood.

When my husband got home I showed him our new temporary pet. He began grabbing his chest and breaking out into a cold sweat... He started yelling and talking so fast I thought he was having a psychotic break. He told me that I'd caught a baby water moccasin (which is extremely venomous) and grabbed the aquarium out of my hands. He then spent the next hour on the internet printing out pictures of venomous snakes that live in our area and posting them all over the house. He now quizzes me on what markings belong to venomous snakes and refers to me as the "snake whisperer!" Next venomous snake I catch is going on his side of the bed.

The next time you and your friends get together to gripe about the "snakes in your life", make this fabulous drink! It's one of my favorites...

Chocolate Snake Bite
Mix all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice. Shake well and serve in a chilled glass. Make more as needed!


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