Jan 20, 2013

Soup-er Bowl Exchange

Posted by Tonia at Sunday, January 20, 2013
By Tonia
“My idea of a super bowl is a self-cleaning toilet.” - ecard
Super Bowl Sunday is approaching - the most watched TV show in the US. Must be the Power of the Pointy Ball. In Oklahoma the pointy ball is so mighty that couples use football schedules to plan their wedding dates. I kid you not.

When I accidently catch a little football on TV, I shudder at those tackles with visions of Flat Stanley. For a homophobic nation, we sure like to watch guys lay on top of each other and slap each others’ asses. And, I want to know, how is it that the last 30 seconds of this game can take 2 hours? Grrrrrr…..

Personally I’d rather stab my eye out with a sharp knife than watch football. Or jump out of an airplane without a parachute. Well … unless Johnnie Depp was coming over to watch. And then I’d happily watch with him. But I’d be hoping he’d make a pass at me with lots of instant foreplays. I’d let him sack me, of course, with a whole lot of touchdown there. Sigh. Well, back to reality…

If you’ll be avoiding the game this year like I'll be, try having a girlfriends’ party instead. Call it the SOUP-ER BOWL EXCHANGE. Whatever number of girlfriends you invite, ask them each bring that number of 6-cup freezer containers of their most delicious homemade soup. When guests arrive, open and heat one of each person’s containers and set them out as samples. Serve wine, salad and bread with the soup tasting. Then at the end of the evening make sure that everyone takes home one of everyone’s containers of soup (like a cookie exchange). Fun night with a practical take-home goodie!


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