Oct 17, 2013


Posted by Tonia at Thursday, October 17, 2013

WARNING: this blog post contains adult content which some may find offensive. It was submitted by a guest blogger and, while bawdier than most of our posts, we took it in good fun. We hope you will too. 

by Sparkles Stonybrook

We all know about December. And Christmas. A day for all the "nice" boys and girls in red and green sweaters with Amazon gift cards waiting for them under the tree, left there the previous night by some fat guy in a red suit as recompense for an entire year of good behavior.

But what about those naughty girls and boys? What of the sluts and the whores, the hussies and hookers, the gigolos and Doms? Don't they receive any reward? Are they really left with nothing but a lump of coal to ruminate over as they consider the error of their promiscuous ways?

The truth is, they get their rewards a few months earlier. Long before the Xmas rush, there comes what is REALLY the most magical time of the year: Cocktober. Thirty one days filled with big, fat, throbbing fun.

All those slutty, smutty, dirty girls get dildos and garters and whips and chains. For the baddest of boys there are cock rings and masturbators and anal beads. But most of all, Cocktober is about getting cock. For an entire month - big cocks, small cocks, fat cocks, cut cocks. Seven inches, nine inches, and for those who have been especially naughty, ten inches of rock hard, good to go cock.

Forget about that red-suited fat dude. Cocktober is ruled by Priapos and his divine staff of lust. And don't EVEN think about leaving milkand cookies for him. Condoms and lube are far better offerings for He-of-the-Permanent-Hard-On. No sneaking down chimneys for him; he is a back door guy through and through.

Priapos, (or as he is known in France, Monsieur Cockteau) loves naughty girls and boys. He is driven by lust, never love - and it is his mission to convert everyone he meets to the pursuit of Hedonsim, Debauchery, and above all, to lead them to worship at the altar of the Almighty Orgasm. He is willing to go to any extreme necessary to achieve this goal - oral, vaginal, anal and, in rare cases, nasal or ear penetration if need be. He sprinkles pheromones and hormones on every naughty girl and boy - filling their heads with thoughts of tumescent cocks and their loins with burning desire.

Many prepare for this special time with frantic self pleasuring; rubbing and grinding themselves deep into the night. Night after night the month of Cocktober is filled with the moans and groans of the naughty ones. "Deeper, harder, yes, yes, YES" can be heard echoing through the land as cocks are thrust in and out, over and over again.

The final night of this month coincides with Halloween, another harmless holiday focused on costumes and candy, but those who partake in Cocktober have their own celebration on that day: Slutoween. They blend in with the other revelers, but if you look closely, you can pick them out. Treating tricks in their teeny tiny costumes. They are already planning how to be as naughty as possible in order to ensure a return visit from the mighty Priapos next Cocktober.

To do so, they must live by his motto, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls, but rather for whom the cock grows."

About the author

Prior to February 2012, Ms. Stonybrook was serving what she thought was a life sentence of monotonous, monogamous matrimony, only to have her sentence unexpectedly commuted (Read: the schmuck left her for another woman). She is reveling in her new found freedom, and is now a full time student. However, it turns out she will go to great lengths to avoid studying, including writing pieces of this caliber......and lower.


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