Apr 24, 2014

Who Arted

Posted by Tonia at Thursday, April 24, 2014
By Tonia

Three girlfriends and I recently attended a Vino van Gogh evening of wine and painting. I knew I had no artistic abilities when I made the reservation but, hey, there was wine! And I hoped that the more I drank the better my painting would look.

You see, my artistic ineptitude began a long time ago…..

MY MOM, “Honey, that is the most beautiful house I’ve ever seen!”
ME: “It’s a blueberry pancake.”
MY MOM, “Oh, Sweetie, your doggie is adorable!”
ME: “It’s another blueberry pancake, Mom.”
My only other art experiences have been painting by numbers, finger writing on dirty cars, penciling in mustaches on photos, and drawing dirty pictures inside bathroom stalls. The public graffiti I’m not admitting to.

So our evening began with our friendly resident artist assuring us that there were no mistakes (ahhahaha!). She patiently (did I say how patient she was?) led us step by step through a water lily painting. And, despite her excellent warning to be sure to dip our paint brushes in our water glasses and not our wine glasses, my unruly paintbrush found its way into my wine glass. Bastard brush!

So we drank and painted away and I was amazed that my water lilies didn’t turn out looking like blueberry pancakes! We had a fabulous time and I highly recommend Vino van Gogh for your next girlfriends’ outing. (Click HERE for their website.) In fact, I’m feeling so confident now in my artistic abilities that I think I’ll go draw myself a boyfriend……


Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome event!

JeSonge on April 25, 2014 at 9:32 AM said...

It was way fun and I ended up with art! I have less artistic ability than Tonia, I am certain of it.

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