Aug 14, 2011

Signs to Drink

Posted by Tonia at Sunday, August 14, 2011
We’ve seen pets for the zodiac, zodiac pick-up lines, and sex comments from the zodiac, but our guest blogger and astrologer, Cindy Boutelle, has party drinks for the zodiac! We are so excited to share her advice and hope that, if you have a zodiac party, you will include these drinks for your girlfriends!

As an astrologer, I’ve been giving guidance and answering astrological questions for years. In the spirit of Estrofests, here are the different drinking styles of the women of the zodiac.

Aries: Known for her cool, classic, and aggressive nature, Aries likes a drink that’s strong and to the point. Vodka Martini, dry... or anything else a spy might be seen drinking. If you challenge her to a drinking contest, she’ll drink the most.

Taurus: Famous for her epicurean, expensive taste, the Taurus woman is expected to have a fancy, sensuous drink (a rare meritage, a single-barrel scotch, a Godiva martini). If she’s drinking something cheap, it’s because she can’t afford her habit. Even then, she’ll be adamant about which cheap beer is best.

Gemini: The sign with the shortest attention span is Gemini. Make her a drink that’s trendy, has a story behind it, and doesn’t take long to make (Tom Collins, for example). In light of the twins, make it a double. Sip slowly, though, because this chatty two-headed beast loves to talk.

Cancer: The sign most associated with comfort and nostalgia is Cancer. It’s best to let this moody crab choose the location, but don’t be surprised if she wants you to just come over to her place. A Sea Breeze Cocktail suits her well.

Leo: Lions don’t mind the spotlight and love attention-grabbing drinks. Order her something with an umbrella or big chunk of fruit stuck on the glass. Think Jungle Juice for this Lion. Let her give you advice--better yet, let her map out an entire plan of action to tackle your issues.

Virgo: Known for her sense of order and cleanliness, Virgo can appreciate a drink that’s neat (gin and tonic) but be careful. She’s symbolized by the virgin and has lots of chaste energy bursting at the seams. She might start with something simple like a margarita or a modest glass of wine, but give her another drink or two and she’s ready for body shots and karaoke.

Libra: Party girl! Start her with a Bloody Mary to cure her hangover from the night before. She’ll drink what’s on special because it’s more about volume, not flavor for her. She’ll flirt with the bartender and make lots of trips to the bathroom, batting her [lovely] eyelashes at strangers on the way.

Scorpio: Scorpios can’t help but be sexy, secretive, and smoldering. If there was a drink with actual blood in it, Scorpio would have it. Depending on the bar you’re in, she’ll order a fitting drink. A cowboy bar? Bud Light straight from the bottle. Italian bistro? Martini or Bellini. Night club? Something related to sex. Flirtini. Sex on the Beach. Slam those drinks and it will be sex in the bathroom.

Sagittarius: This girl likes to push the limits. If she’s out drinking, she’s out to find an adventure. She isn’t picky, but drinks with herbs muddled in them (mojito) always appeal because of her attraction to nature. She also likes any drink that promises a special effect--the hallucinatory effects of wormwood in absinthe, for example.

Capricorn: This is your conservative friend. She doesn't like to spend money, but she will if it means getting a new friend - because it's who you know that matters in the end, right? Or she'll just stick to beer. 

Aquarius: You can't predict a drink for this original personality. The only thing you can count on is that it won’t be conventional. If it’s beer, it’s one no one ever orders. If it’s a margarita, it’s with Tuaca added. Aquarius often orders a drink to honor her favorite author - for example, a mojito like Ernest Hemingway or a mint julep in memory of Tennessee Williams.

Pisces: If she seems a little tipsy already, it’s probably because she was drinking by herself at the bar next door before she met up. Don’t let her drive and make sure she has condoms if she’s talking to some guy at the table next to you. If she’s a rare Pisces who has her act together, she’ll appreciate a complex drink that surprises her palette like a grapefruit pomegranate martini with a slice of cucumber floating in it.

Cindy is an UNM student, server, bartender, and astrologer. She is able to keep her astrological muscle toned with exposure to lots of different types of people. When not refining her mental astrology files, she’s at the gym (her Mars is in Aries), reading at her favorite wine bar, (her Sun sign is Pisces) or mingling with the people of Albuquerque (her rising Gemini). Check out her fun Astrotreats blog at


Anonymous said...

As a hopefully-together Pisces, I LOVE the sound of my drink. Yes, appropriately complex and yummy. Will someone surprise me with it please?

Tonia on August 16, 2011 at 5:21 PM said...

@growingmygirls - Would LOVE to!

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