Sep 22, 2012

Estrofests: The 21st Century's Baubo

Posted by Tonia at Saturday, September 22, 2012
by Tonia

"What soap is to the body, laughter is to the soul." - Yiddish Proverb

I was recently challenged about the appropriateness of this blog. There were 'concerns' about its message.

Yes, I know that we are bawdy and irreverent. Yes, I know that we talk a lot about sex. And, yes, we do drink alcohol on occasion. But there is a deeper purpose in our writing; there is a point to our obnoxiousness.  

Estrofests promotes women’s connections through parties. We want women to have close girlfriends and to spend LOTS of time with them! All of us (men and women) thrive in affirming relationships but, for women, connecting with others is vital. It gives us zest/energy and increased self-knowledge and self-worth.

Humor and Mirth
Estrofests promotes humor and mirth – finding hilarity in women’s everyday experiences. Laughing is fun (duh) and improves mood. More and more research is verifying the benefits of humor and mirth. It reduces pain and stress, increases creativity, enhances problem-solving and inspires hope. Humor is also a wonderful glue in relationships.

Shame Resilience
Estrofests promotes women overcoming shameful perceptions about their bodies, their sexuality and their aging. We especially support women's sexual expression in opposition to our culture's oppression of female sexuality. Sharing our experiences (often humorously) normalizes them and reduces fear, shame and disconnection. We are sexual beings. There should be no shame in that.
I think these three principles are best represented by Baubo, the fun-loving, jesting, sexually liberated Greek goddess who brought great wisdom and healing to the other goddesses. She represents the POWER that comes from women's laughter, joking, and sexual banter. If you’re not familiar with Baubo, here's her story:

Story of Baubo

According to mythology, Demeter was in deep mourning over the loss of her daughter, Persphene, who had been kidnapped by Hades. So deep was Demeter’s grief that she had given up her goddess duties of bringing fertility to the land. Everyone tried desperately to cheer her up but she was inconsolable. Enter Baubo. The two women began chatting with Baubo making lots of humorous, risqué remarks. Demeter started to smile. Then Baubo, out of the clear blue sky, lifted her skirt and showed Demeter her vulva. Laughing heartily, Demeter was able to get herself out of her funk and take action to get her daughter back. Baubo saved the day.

We hope that we are a type of Baubo for 21st century women - bringing connection, humor and healing.

So pull your girlfriends close and teach each other how to live joyfully. Estrofests will be here to help by making you laugh, giving you party ideas, and reducing your shame. Peace and laughter.


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