Jul 28, 2014

Brutally Browless

Posted by Tonia at Monday, July 28, 2014
by Rachel

Anna (my riotous baby sister) came to Texas and stayed with me while my husband was away on a business trip. We had a great time gossiping, making fun of our mother (her 1970s bathing suit, her necessary second fire extinguisher in the kitchen, etc.) ..... and discussing the latest make-up trends. Anna says thin eyebrows are out and thick ones are in. Researchers have actually analyzed women’s brows in magazines since 1946 and found that, not only have eyebrows gotten fuller, they've moved further away from the nose. Buh-bye, minnow brows!

Supposedly thick brows make you look younger and sexier! Wish I would've known this when I was a tweezers abuser! I’ve probably looked surprised for over 20 years now. AND I’ve over-plucked them for so long they won’t even grow back! Anna suggested we draw them in. I figured it was cheaper than hair transplant surgery so we headed to the store and picked up tools for our brow make-over. Uh, we may've been a little overzealous at first….

**Note: Anna wouldn’t let me post her first pic here, too terrified Mom will put it on her Facebook page, deterring future dating prospects…

Always looking for ways to shock my children, I picked up my pre-teen daughter from camp sporting the uni-brow look. Her nonchalant comment to me, “I hope you're going to wash that off when we get home.” Child embarrassment FAIL.

Not ones to give up, Anna and I were determined to have thick brows. So, we continued practicing the art of brow making.  We finally got an end result that made us feel younger and sexier (see pic of smokin’ hot Spicer women)!

So I was ready to take my new look out on the town (meaning soccer practice). It was friggin’ HOT - 102 degrees with a heat index of 650 (or close to it).

As I was chatting with the other moms, my daughter looked at me a few times and then asked, “What’s all over your face?” My new brows had melted and were smudged everywhere! Guess the brow make-over can't take the heat!

The next time you and your girlfriends get together to talk about your life's mishaps, make this fabulous cocktail! 

The Melting Face Stopper

1 can Fresca
2 shots vodka (or more if needed)
1 Tbls muddled strawberries
Fruit for garnishment

Chop up some fresh strawberries and mash them in a bowl (muddle them). Save a few slices for garnish. Next, shake the vodka, Fresca, and ice in a cocktail shaker. Add 1 tablespoon of muddled strawberries into your glass and pour in the mixture from your shaker. Add other fruits for garnishment if desired. Cheers!!


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