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Posted by Tonia at Tuesday, September 29, 2015
Estrofests is thrilled to host guest blogger, Rachel Reedy. Rachel is a party thrower/party attender extraordinaire. She is an inspiration to Estrofests as you’ll see from the many party awards in her bio. 

by Rachel Reedy

“Whoever said ‘there’s no use crying over spilled milk’ obviously never pumped six ounces, then accidentally dumped it.” - Unknown

After 14 months, 2 weeks, 5 days and 9 hours, my son was weaned! He quit the tit! FREEDOM!! Now I can be gone for a whole afternoon ... or a whole day ... even an entire weekend! I'm pretty sure my husband was afraid I might run away.

But instead of running away, I decided breastfeeding deserved a celebration, so I threw myself a girlfriends’ party -  "Unlatched: A Weaning Celebration." I wanted to celebrate being able to wear outfits that look good instead of outfits I can pull my boobs out of (and, BTW, what I mean by "look good" is something clean and wearable while chasing a toddler).  

I don't have to constantly have a clock running in my head of "he ate at 1:00 and will be hungry in 3 hours so I need to be home by 4:00." I can wear a regular bra with no nursing pads inside.  Someone else can put him to bed, so I can actually go somewhere after 8:00 pm! Drinking! I can drink whenever and however much I want! Well, I guess I still need to be a responsible mother, but I don't have to wait to drink that 1 glass of wine right after nursing.

For my celebration I invited my girlfriends to brunch since most of my friends are very much still "latched." I handed out goodie bags made out of my unused breast milk storage bags.  Each bag had a breast pad and candy inside.  What better way to use up the rest of my breastfeeding supplies! At the brunch I toasted my achievement and the support of my friends for not only letting me whip out my boobs in their house, but also for holding a conversation with me while discreetly looking away from my nipple.

I asked my sister how will I know when my milk has dried up.  She compared it to blowing up a balloon, letting it go, and after flying around the living room it lands on your chest. Awesome.

While there are things I miss about nursing - especially being able to eat 500 calories of Oreos - I’ll also miss starting the day leisurely nursing and ending the day quietly nursing. I’ll miss having the boob to settle him down if nothing else works.  I'm proud of my achievement.  I mean I literally grew this person! Me! My body produced the substance to literally grow him into this trotting, screaming, cat tail pulling little person! My sweet husband bought me an unlatched gift.  I think a gift should be mandatory for all breastfeeding mothers.  If breastfeeding doesn't call for a new electronic tea kettle, I just don't know what does.

I'm looking forward to being able to see my girlfriends on a more regular basis and in longer intervals and very excited to celebrate when they are finally unlatched!  I hope I have started a new tradition among my friends!

Rachel lives for themed parties, costume creations, & relay games.  Her favorite costumes include, The Artist, formerly known as Prince, Tonya Harding, Hulk Hogan, and every 80’s outfit! Her awards (of which she is MOST proud) include First Place in Get that Man Off My Back relay race, Best Pirate Name (Captain Hammer Toe), and Champion 80’s hair! In her non-party life Rachel is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & is currently staying home to take care of her 15 month old son. She                                                            resides in Houston, TX.


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