Sep 17, 2013

Letting Go

Posted by Tonia at Tuesday, September 17, 2013

By Anna
“Drag your thoughts away from your the ears, by the heels, or any other way you can manage it.” - Mark Twain  

You know all those “Stay calm and _____” cards? Yea. Well, I can’t stay calm - I have a couple anxiety disorders. I'm barely into my thirties and already I'm an expert on all things that can go catastrophically wrong with the universe. I worry about my gray hairs; I worry about my wrinkles. I worry about my job, my money, my car, my health. Hell, I’ve even started worrying about my worry!
This self-abusive, awful-izing mindfuck must stop. That’s why I need to turn myself around (but NOT by doing the Hokey-Pokey). So, with the Serenity Prayer, I'm learning to let GO of shit I can't control! I wanna' get me some of that serenity, God dammit!
Here are some things I’ve accepted that I can’t control:
   - I can’t control the screaming children and crying babies in my bridal shop. 
   - I can’t control the fact that the gap between my car seat and my car door is a    
     magnet for bits of wrappers and tiny trash.
   - I can’t control my ass enhancer sliding up my back.
   - I can’t control the nipple hair that grows around my areola.
   - I can’t control that I sometimes pee when I sneeze.
   - I can’t control that fucking play, buffer, play, buffer, play, buffer thing that
     happens when I watch videos on the internet.
   - I can’t control the fact that Hobby Lobby starts selling Christmas shit in July.
   - I can’t control my urge to pee as soon as I get comfortable in bed.
   - I can’t control my friend’s accidental pocket dialing me while she is having

So instead of spending hours hunting and pulling gray hairs, I’m going to schedule a damn hair appointment every month; and instead of sighing loudly and rolling my eyes at the kids-gone-wild in my store, I’m going to smile and thank God they aren't mine. 

And here’s a Frazzle Me Not cocktail recipe for your next girlfriends’ get together:

Frazzle Me Not 
Pour the following ingredients into 12 oz cup of ice

3 oz vodka 
1 oz orange juice 
1 oz pineapple juice 
2 oz cranberry juice 

Stir with straw 
Top with Fresca and garnish with fruit

Sip and, for God's sake, LET GO! 


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