May 28, 2014

The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Posted by Tonia at Wednesday, May 28, 2014
By Tonia

As a single woman about to turn to 60, I’m concerned about my new title. You see, I date younger men. Not MINORS - just younger.
According to the Urban Dictionary, a 40+ woman who dates younger men is a COUGAR and a 50+ woman who dates younger men is a JAGUAR. There isn’t a name for a woman in her 60s who dates younger men. What the hell does that mean?? ZAP! I’m no longer dating?? Surely I’m not a SABRE-TOOTHED TIGER – about to be extinct because of lack of prey!

According to AARP, 34% of 40-69 year old women date younger men. Clearly, curiosity is not killing these pussy cats! So the cat is out of the bag – or the closet, so to speak. Older women LIKE younger men and actually date them.

I applaud these women (guess I'm applauding myself, too). Older women in our culture are often made to feel invisible. So many of us are protesting this phenomenon with, “Look at me! I’m not dead yet! In fact, I’m HOT – and I’m NOT talkin’ about those flashes, Baby!”

"If you count the piano lessons we've been
dating for almost a year."
No ‘fraidy cat for me. I’m going to stick my neck out …. or my boobs …. or whatever gets noticed …. and follow the examples set by Elizabeth Taylor, Susan Sarandon, Melanie Griffith, Madonna, and others. Hope my kids don't start bragging, “My mom’s boy toy is younger than your mom’s boy toy!”

And, by the way, these women aren’t just dating younger men because they can. A recent study published in Psychology of Women Quarterly found that women with partners 10+ years younger have greater relationship satisfaction than women who have partners the same age or older. Hmmmm. Wonder what THAT's about <wink, wink>.

So, after your next boy toy date, get some girlfriends together and fix the Superstar Vixen. You earned it! 

SUPERSTAR VIXEN                   

1 oz Vixen Vodka

3 oz Ginger beer

1/2 oz Raspberry lemonade


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