Dec 19, 2010

What Could be Better than Sex?

Posted by Tonia at Sunday, December 19, 2010
By Anna

After several days of taking care of my mother’s demon dogs, taking care of my boyfriend’s sick child, and trying to entertain BOTH kids during Fall Break, I needed a drink! When Friday night finally arrived and the kids were put in their crates and the dogs read to and put to bed (oops….other way around) my man went to make me a "night cap." Now I usually prefer something with a major kick but he came back with this frilly, girlie drink with a straw and a cherry on top and said, "Try this, it's good!" I looked at him disapprovingly but he repeated, "No, it's good. You could totally serve this at one of your VAGINA parties." So I laughed & took a sip and, my God, it WAS good. He could read my impressed surprise and asked, "Better than sex?" I laughed & said, "Well, maybe not quite…." He smiled, "No, but that's what you could call it - Better than Sex." So here it is. I’m sure it’s better than some people’s sex. You can decide if it’s better than yours. Buts its definitely worth serving at your next girlfriends’ bash!

Better Than Sex Cocktail                                         
1 oz Vodka                           
1 oz Tequila
½ oz Cherry liqueur
1 oz. Orange juice
1 oz. Sprite
Pour ingredients and ice into a shaker of some sort – martini shaker, giant salt shaker, blender, whatever works for you – and shake. Pour over ice and add a fancy straw. Garnish with a cherry, serve, and drink up!


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