Jul 19, 2012

Celebrate the Shero in You

Posted by Tonia at Thursday, July 19, 2012
Estrofests is so excited to host guest blogger, Cela DeLaRosa. Cela is a freelance copywriter by day and grrrlfriends' party thrower extraordinaire by night. Check out her party idea here and her website below!

By Cela DeLaRosa

Notice how many kick-butt Snow White movies came out this year? And superhero movies? Well, last month pop culture collided with my monthly gal-pal party, turning Game Night into "Shero Night."

Capes were optional, so most party guests arrived in their secret-identity/alter-ego outfits (Diana Prince instead of Wonder Woman). We started out with a "name that shero" game, where the first one to correctly name all 15 heroic women pictured won a prize. (A cool-gel "super" mask -- great for soothing sinus headaches or putting out hot flashes.)

Then, we each had to answer 30 questions to determine "which superhero are you?" As we were working through the questions (see below), one of my friends quipped, "These questions are really about us, not superheroes, right?" I just laughed and we continued with the game.

While the players calculated their superhero scores, the room got quiet. Then, faster than a speeding bullet, it hit me. My friend was right -- my living room was full of heroic women. Cancer survivors, athletes, single mothers, special ed teachers, bionic women, community volunteers, spiritual leaders, pet rescuers, healers, mentors, caregivers, crusaders for social justice... and then some.

I truly have some awesome grrrlfriends -- super women in their own right! <insert super sigh here>

Now, back to the superhero scores: it turned out no one was Super Girl, but we had one Invisible Woman, several Bat Girls, a few Cat Women, and one Wonder Woman (our oldest party gal -- who knew?).

We continued celebrating our awesomeness with a contest of three heroic feats:
  1. Bending steel with our bare hands (making mini-handcuffs out of twist ties).
  2. Flying (a paper airplane made from the superhero questionnaire).
  3. Blowing super-sized bubbles (with Super Bubble gum, of course!).

After awarding the last gel-mask prize, we adjourned to the kitchen for some epic refreshments. We had shero sandwiches (like hero sandwiches, but with more lettuce, pickles and greens) and a choice of super beverages: Isis Tea, Pink Power Ranger Punch, and Kryptonite (margaritas).

So, the next time you get together with your gal pals, see which superheroes show up to the party. Ask these 30 yes-or-no questions (but don’t reveal the points until all questions are answered):
  1. Do you like to fly?
  2. Do you like to wear a cape?
  3. Are you very virtuous?
  4. Do you hate the color green?
  5. Are you obviously very strong?
  6. Do you like long hair?
  7. Are you extremely talented in only one area?
  8. Do you like your younger brother?
  9. Do you enjoy working behind the scenes?
  10. Do you have lots of energy?
  11. Do you like working on a team?
  12. Are you a good mother?
  13. Are you an intelligent geek?
  14. Do you like riding motorcycles?
  15. Do you admire police officers?
  16. Do you enjoy going to the library?
  17. Are you a hopeless romantic?
  18. Do you like high-tech gadgets?
  19. Do you like to wear leather?
  20. Are you a flirt?
  21. Do you have long fingernails?
  22. Have you ever stolen anything?
  23. Do you really like cats?
  24. Are you good at gymnastics?
  25. Do you have strong powers of persuasion?
  26. Are you good with your hands?
  27. Do you like wearing a pushup bra?
  28. Do you have hidden strength?
  29. Do you speak more than 1 language?
  30. Are you a feminist?

Now for the points: all "No" answers are 0 points. "Yes" answers for questions 1-6 are worth 1 point each; 7-12 are 2 points each; 13-18 are 3 points each; 19-24 are 4 points each; 25-30 are 5 points each.

Ready for the big reveal?

Total scores of 17 or less are Super Girl.
Scores from 18 to 36 are Invisible Woman.
Scores from 37 to 53 are Bat Girl.
Scores from 54 to 72 are Cat Woman.
Scores from 73 to 90 are Wonder Woman.

You might be surprised how many sheroes are hiding behind a secret identity in your circle of friends!

Cela DeLaRosa is a freelance copywriter (www.wordstosellby.com) who is always looking for new party game ideas. She started hosting monthly game nights about 15 years ago to bring her grrrlfriends together in a cozy, conversational setting. In her home no topic is taboo, no one is expected to act her age, and no tipping is required. (Bonus: game nights also motivate her to thoroughly clean her house at least once a month.) She found out about Estrofests from her fun-loving and talented niece, Grace Ballard. Thanks, Gracey!


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