Sep 1, 2011

YIPPEEE!!: International Women's Friendship Month

Posted by Tonia at Thursday, September 01, 2011
By Tonia

“A really good friend,” she said, “Makes you SNORT when you laugh, and will still hang out with you when do it in public.” Curly girl design

September is International Women’s Friendship Month. And while men and women certainly can be friends, it is our female friends who know us the best; they are the ones who we share our most intimate secrets and moments with - things like PMS and sex and childbirth and shoe sales and spanx and hot flashes and the black hair growing out of one of my boobs (oops, TMI)…… Our girlfriends get us. That’s why it’s hard to get together with girlfriends for more than five minutes without some kind of exchange of personal information and laughter.

In celebration of International Women’s Friendship Month we at Estrofests have a three question quiz for you to find out what kind of girlfriend you are, along with a list of our favorite ways to celebrate women’s friendships. (Click on the links and it will take you to the blog that described the game or recipe.)


(1) If you and your girlfriend were having lunch in an expensive restaurant and you noticed that she had lettuce in her teeth, would you… (a) just ignore it and hope to God it’ll slide down her throat soon, (b) reach over and pick it out yourself, or (c) offer her more salad to go with it?

(2) If your girlfriend was in the hospital recovering from surgery, would you… (a) bring a shaker of Martinis, (b) grab a wheelchair, sneak her out and go get some decent food, or (c) change into a matching hospital gown so that the two of you can moon the doctors together?

(3) If your girlfriend asked you to go with her for a 2-for-1 Botox special, would you… (a) ask, “When’s the appointment?” (b) accuse her of entering the two of you in some kind of Joan Rivers look-alike contest, or (c) suggest that another wrinkly friend go with her?

PUT THE ZEST BACK INTO FEST: Party ideas to make memories

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The Raging Hormone

Chocolate Cupcakes
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Chocolate Addiction

Tell us what you are doing to celebrate your girlfriends this month!


MsCheeVS on September 2, 2011 at 1:16 AM said...

B, C and A!!!! Ha ha ha! I have had the same best friend for 27 years now. I'd have no problem doing any of the above! Hahahaha! I loved this post!!! Thank Gawd for women!!!!


growingmygirls on September 4, 2011 at 9:04 AM said...

I'm just doing simple stuff -- now that the girls are back in school, I'm trying, one by one, to actually go out with them and have real conversations after a long summer. Usually it's in the morning after school drop-off, but I see no reason why your Chocolate Cupcakes couldn't be brought into the picture. And these days, I may have to see who I can get to go out at night -- I need a Raging Hormone!

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